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Hi, I'm


Do You Know What I Am Really Passionate About...
Helping individuals achieve their full potential, designing a life & business better than they have dreamt by unlocking the fears, worries or insecurities that they may not even consciously realize are holding them back.

The Healthy BIZ Strategist & VP On Demand

As the Chief Change Maker and President of Full Focus Consulting Inc., my mission and passion is helping people get from where they are now to where they want to be.  My purpose is helping leaders, high achievers and business owners to accelerate their individual and organizational performance while navigating change.  I help design strategies, workshops and training sessions to develop more "Healthy" organizations.  I help my clients create clearer direction, increased profitability, stronger leadership and executive teams, improved communication and happier and more productive employees. 


My process is by coaching & consulting entrepreneurs and leaders to grow profitable, exceptional businesses that are HEALTHY!  


What do you get when you work with me? Accountability to your business & personal goals.  A trusted advisor & thought partner who will quickly understand your business and can help you make critical decisions.  

Working with me, my clients experience life-changing results! I give them everything they need to "Design Their Best Life Possbile" in every area of life that is important to them.

I have over 30 years of hands-on business experience in retail, corporate, family owned, medical, transportation, oil & gas, and online business combined.  

I have worked with some of THE most dynamic entrepreneurs and leaders.  My focus is allowing you to be the visionary & leader you’re meant to be while supporting your business growth and culture from a strategic standpoint.  With one thing in mind...  The create a Healthy Business & Life for all my clients!

Tracy's DiSC Style:  iD

 Passionate | Action Taker | Result Driven | Enthusiastic | Charismatic

Clifton Strengths Finder:

1. Maximizer 2. Adaptability 3. Activator 4.Significance 5. Arranger

6. Ideation 7. Futuristic 8. Relator 

9. Responsiblity 10. Empathy

Enneagram: 3W 4|2

We Rise by Lifting Each Other.jpg

More About Tracy

Mover | Shaker | Healthy BIZ Maker Visionary | Catalyst | Innovator 

Idea Generator | Connector

Out-of-the-Box Thinker

Charismatic | Leader | Stratgic 

Passionate | Intuitive | Confident

Let Me Help You Achieve Greatness!

I know my work changes lives because it changed MY life. 

Coaching, Consulting & Training is not a "side hustle" for me. I am a full-time dedicated professional. I work with clients virtually and in-person.  I work onsite with my business clients throughout the US.   

One I began using meditation, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral training, and various brain-science based techniques for my own personal use.  I worked with mentors and coaches and underwent my own transformation and experienced such life changing results that I was compelled to help others in the same way.

Coach Specialities:   Transformational Coaching, Accountability & Goal Setting Coaching, Strategic Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Life Coaching certification, REBT Mindset:  Rational Emotive Behavioral Life Coaching, Emotional Intelliegence Life Coach, IIN Health Coach, Employee Performance Coach, Leadership & Executive Coach, Change Management Certified, PMP Project Management Certified, Duct Tape Marketing Certified, Digital Marketing Specialist and MORE....    These are some of the tools in my toolbelt that I rely upon to help get you from where you are NOW to where you WANT to be!   

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