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Healthy BIZ Clarity Call

Book a discovery call below to learn how I can help your organization with a tailored Full Focus strategy. We can meet on Zoom or you can provide the best phone number for us to call you. Here's how it works...


 Book your no-pressure consultation call

Each of our client engagements begin with you booking a consultation call. Please respond to the questions in the onboarding form as they help us to best understand where you are on your Healthy BIZ journey before we speak.


Establish your best-fit solution

During our clarity call, we talk about what it is that you want to achieve  for you / your team / or your organization, and where you are right now. As all of our solutions are customized, this is the best way for us to establish how to get you from Point A to Point B. Everyone is on a different stage of their journey which is why we'll map out potential solutions together on the call.


Getting started 

Once we've established your roadmap, we create a tailored solution to meet your goals. I then prepare and send you a proposal that meets your budget, share terms and conditions, the timelines for our collaboration, and how we'll communicate during our time together.


Sample engagements vary based on your particular client needs.  Some perhaps are just to deliver a team Assessment such as Everythng DiSC Workplace including a workshop which can be on-site or virtual.  Another is utilzing my Team Development Tool which we know the following is true:   The teams that excel share the same set of traits that we call our  “7 Elements of High Performing Teams.”  The 7 elements are at the core of the proven team development tool that I facilitate.  

Others may include a 6-month partnership with myself, sponsor (leadership) and team (s), dependent upon scope of the project or change within the organization.   All based on your specific needs.



Working together

As soon as you accept the proposal, we begin our client engagement. We establish key dates, success markers, and your delivery method of choice with solutions-driven communication throughout our collaboration.   

To find out how we can help your organization, please book the time that works best for your discovery call below.


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