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I Help People Get To Where They Want To Go! 

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The Healthy BIZ Builder

Tracy Gardner

The Healthy BIZ Builder

The Healthy BIZ Builder

The Healthy BIZ Builder

The Healthy BIZ Builder



Every Project is a Change. 

Every Change is a Project.

Engage your staff and create a culture which makes change happen

Tracy Gardner


Change Management Expert

Coaching the mindset to succeed, and Consulting the changes necessary to transform your business.  If you’re ready to play bigger, you’re in the right place.

Strategic. Simple. Streamlined.

If an organization knows where it wants to go, but not how to get there, this is where Tracy comes in to translate.
Your goal setting isn’t the problem. It’s truly your MIND-setting. I am 100% committed and passionate about helping people achieve their goals with more ease then they ever could have imagined.  It’s all about your MINDSET.
To Have A Healthy Business & Life Today, You'll Need A Good Plan

Learn 3 Secrets To Meet Your GOALS Every Time & Design Your Best BIZ & Life Possible!

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Business Coaching & Consulting 

Business Marketing Strategy

Mindset Transformation Coaching

1:1 Concierge Coaching - Custom To YOU!

Project Management & Change Management

Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator

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Team Training & Development  

Productivity, Accountability & Goal Setting

Coming Soon... RTT

 Rapid Transformation Coaching

At Full Focus Consulting, my main focus is to provide a boutique style consulting and coaching experience for my clients.  Offering organizational effectiveness for business owners, leaders and teams. I help you focus on identifying and maximizing the talent that exists within you, within your team & within your organization.  Just think of me as your "VP On Demand".  Your trusted advisor investing my Full Focus to create and sustain the Health of your Business.  

When given the right opportunity, I believe people can do amazing things if they are given the chance. It is important to remember that in every business, it is about the people.  I am extremely passionate about making businesses more successful by building teams that work together creating change that is impactful.

I see too many businesses not reaching their potential.  Most often, it’s the individuals within the business who lack confidence and do not understand the business direction or the changes that need to be made. These individuals often feel disconnected, they have no idea how their contribution impacts the overall big picture.  At Full Focus Consulting, I use "Team Fitness Tool",  develop leaders who have passion and purpose, engage individuals and empower teams to work together to make change happen.

I believe wholeheartedly that my mission and calling is purely around helping organizations, leaders, teams and individuals get to where they want to go.  Just think about it...  The impact just one influencer can have on dozens, hundreds or even thousands of lives is astounding.  As a influencer, what is the impact you’re having on your sphere of influence?   What impact are you making?   I ask this because the "Health" of your organization, your team, your employees and quite frankly yourself are what matter to me.  Your entire sphere of infuence deserves great leadership.   If you’re a leader with a strong desire to drive change in your business and you’re focused on helping your people to make this change happen and take your team to the next level ~ Then I'd Love to Hear From You!

What I Specialize In

Business Coaching &

Marketing Strategy

Team Development


Team Building Workshops  & 

DiSC Facilitator

Mindset Transformation Coaching 

Power Hour Coaching


Accountability Coaching 

1:1 Coaching

Group Coaching

Team Coaching 

Project Management

Change Management


Custom Bid

Business Consulting

Silhouette of happy business team making

Better Teams.

Better Leaders.

Better Results.

It's Easier Than You Think!

Let's Get Your Business Healthy!  

Are You A Leader Who Is Ready To Drive Positive Change In Your Organization?

Working with Tracy has been such a boost to my productivity!   We met and discussed the projects I needed her assistance/directions with, and she put me to work (with deadlines) to have tasks completed.  She asked very pertinent questions that forced me to take my "why" into consideration as to what direction I wanted to focus on with my business.    We confronted areas of my business that are struggling and identified which areas bring me joy (identifying my strengths and areas of the business I may want to delegate or outsource).


When deciding I needed  a "VP on Demand" I was hoping I would get some assistance with developing procedures and "cleaning things up".... However finding Tracy is more than I could have asked for.... She is a hard worker and I feel she truly knows my business. Tracy has many creative ideas of how to elevate me and my business to the next level (and honestly I was feeling burned with everything).  She has given me the push and shows me the potential of the business I've created.  Now I am excited and motivated to complete the tasks I've pushed aside. Now I am developing other income generating streams that I had not even considered within my business, thanks to Tracy's acute observation and "get it done" attitude. 


If you are looking to grow your business or come up with a business strategy Tracy has the gusto it takes to get things done!  From office systems to social marketing she is gifted in all areas and will "grind" with you to discover the areas of your business that need attention.   She will get you on track, help you with business growth and development  as well as help you "level up" as a business owner with self- betterment strategies. It is truly a gift to have Tracy on my "team".

- Stefani Yost

IMPACT Wellness Center

Tracy’s skills in helping me start my new health and wellness business were invaluable. She was knowledgable in all aspects of a small business and helped me with many things that I had never done before. I have known Tracy for years as a friend, but had never had a business relationship with her before. Her work ethic is amazing and everything went very smoothly. I would definitely recommend Tracy as a business consultant since I have seen first hand how her skills can benefit and grow a small business.

- Melissa Reichardt

Sizing Down Weight Loss 

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