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 Ways To Make Your Business Healthy!  


To Win in Business Today, You Will Need a Good Plan


Business Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting Services to Grow, Scale, and Thrive and creating roadmap to build and sustain a healthy business.  Taking a strategic approach to looking objectively at the foundation.  Most often businesses owners and leaders are caught up on "working in" the business not "working on" the business. Together we recognize and assess the areas to adjust,  

Specializing in Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Mindset Transformation, Project Management, Change Management, Culture, Growth & Branding Positioning, Performance Management, Team Dynamics & Collaboration, On-Line Business Strategy & My Signature VIP Intensive Program "The Accelerator".


Business & Mindset Transformation Coaching

I coach the mindset to succeed, and consult the changes to scale and automate your business. If you’re serious about growth, you’re in the right place.  I mentor entrepreneurs to grow exceptional businesses.


Speaking, Training & Team Assessments

Assessements Fuel Action & Action Fuels Results...  

Team Assessments, Health Care Assessments & Leadership Assessments utilizing the Team Fitness Model, as an Authized Partner & Facilitator of the Team Fitness Tool. 

Everything DiSC Workplace Team Training Certified Facilitator

Teamwork is more important today than ever before.  Effective Teams don't just happen.  

The teams that excel share the same set of traits that we call our  “7 Elements of High Performing Teams.” The 7 elements are at the core of the proven team development tool that I use at Full Focus.  The tool uses a team assessment to measure your team’s strengths and find its opportunities for growth. Then, we customize activities designed to make your team more effective.  

Business facilitation is about making certain events, meetings, or decisions less difficult. Effective facilitation transforms meetings and discussions into effective planning. It propels a team, initiative, or organization forward. 

My approach is  focused on facilitating meaningful discussions, listening for key insights, clarifying options, and keeping a group moving strategically forward. 

Good Meetings: 1.) Are exciting engaging and productive 2.) Have a clear purpose 3.) Include some level of conflict 4.) End in clarity and commitment

"The mark of a great meeting is not how short it is or whether it ends on time. The key is whether it ends with clarity and commitment from participants." Patrick Lencioni


Coaching:  Private, Group & Team Coaching

Choose Your Coaching Path! 

1-ON-1 Concierge Coaching:  Fully customizable programs to help you overcome life's greatest challenges.  *Life Coaching is a forward-facing, results-driven, solution for overcoming emotional struggles. It is not therapy, or a replacement for traditional therapy, but it can be a life-changing alternative for those looking for an innovative approach to creating change.  My ideal clients have usually achieved success in business and life but are struggling to get to the next level.

Focus areas include:  

Business, Performance & Mindset Transformation Coaching:   Invest in your development and take your career to the next level with programs designed to help:

✓ Executives & CEOs
✓ Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs
✓ Family-Owned Businesses
✓ Women-Owned Businesses

✓ Women In Leadership

✓ Business Leaders

✓ Coaches & Consultants

Group Coaching Program:   Healthy BIZ Builder Academy

The Healthy BIZ Builder Academy is designed as a Group Business coaching program.  Business Coaching is an unparalleled tool for taking the guesswork out of business
and then incorporate other like minded high achieving entrepreneurs and leaders wanting to grow and learn together to collaborately take their business to the next level!

All of Tracy's Coaching programs are based on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Transformational Life Coaching, REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) Mindset Life Coaching, Confidence & Growth Mindset, Accountability & Goal Setting Life Coaching, Performance Coach, Health Coach, Executive Coach and Employee Training & Development Coach are part of the certifications and skills used to customize what is needed for the client, leader, executive, entrepreneur, team or group. 


1-ON-1 4 Week Coaching Programs

When you want to start getting it done, these 4 Week Coaching programs are a great start for you. It's Time To See What You Can Really DO!   The accountability creates an environment of learning, growth, and achievement.

One of these 4 Week Coaching Programs will help you learn about yourself and hold you accountable for daily actions and choices. This may sound intimidating but to achieve your goals discipline and responsibility are key. Together, we’ll implement essential strategies into your daily routine to improve the health and productivity of you and your organization.  Integrating these tools and techniqques will help you stay motivated, committed, and focused on your short-term intentions which will result in the inevitable success of your long-term goals.

Top performers know, to succeed you must be held accountable for your actions and have support in achieving your goals.  With this 4 Werk Only Coaching you can get a jump start and have a roadmap to help to get you where you are oing!  

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to WIN!  Think about something you want to accomplish.  STOP & do NOT focus on how many times you’ve tried and failed. These situations help you grow, help you pivot and stretch.  It is about the JOURNEY.


Custom Project Management

Facilitate Projects and Change Management.  Research shows the number one obstacle to success for major change projects is employee resistance. For an initiative to succeed you need to make change personal the "WIIFM" = What's In It For Me.  Absolutely no project can be delivered on time and on budget without people to drive it.

Employees need to feel supported and encouraged to adjust their behaviours so that they can do their jobs differently. If these individuals are unhappy, disengaged or overwhelmed then your project is likely to fail.  My approach integrates project management with change management to a positive foundation for change that will ensure you project’s long-term success.   I am here to support you make change happen! 

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